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As soon as this railbird realizes he's got the winner, he broods:

"I discovered he was the horse for course. What stopped me from betting more?"

Scared Money
is an engaging book of fiction as a medium for delving deep into horseplayer psychology.

"In Scared Money, Cramer travels where few authors dare - into the psyche of the bettor - and shows why bad thinking costs players more money than slow horses."
Jay Richards
, Las Vegas Review Journal 

"Scared Money
invites readers to confront and neutralize personal wagering inadequacies, while subconsciously forming positive betting habits. Scared Money has overlay written all over it."
Brad Free
Daily Racing Form
"In a way, [Scared Money] reminds me of a French existentialist novel--if Camus and Sartre had been concerned about who was going to win the fifth at Santa Anita, they might have written something like this."

Review by factotum, March 14, 2008

We're introduced to a very endearing character in Matt, a realist who opens up a whole new aspect for racing fiction. He's a racing odds mathematician and his near-scientific take on racing is absorbing. It's also fascinating to see that equated to his personal life and how horseracing and emotional problems are not so far removed! Much like the soccer novel Fever Pitch, Matt's life seems to ebb and flow with the ups & downs of the racetrack and when he manages to harmonise one, the other, like Karma, follows suit. He meets great characters along the way, very original and away from the standard racing fiction types. Cramer has a very direct style of story-telling and Scared Money makes a welcome change from the usual racing thriller.                                   
 Review  by A Oliver, February 6, 2015  Amazon UK