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                   Canal Saint-Martin   

Insider's Paris

  By: Mark Cramer

Mark Cramer's new book, Insider's Paris will be reaching bookstores some time in September, with co-publishers in Singapore (Marshall Cavendish), USA and London. Mark knows that the real Paris is in it's neighborhoods and not in it's monumental icons. Paris is really a city of distinct villages. He's highlighted seven of the most seductive neighborhoods. The book includes authentic stories on each neighborhood along with tips, walking tours and stunning photos. In essence, this is a book on sense of place and quality of life, with each place viewed from distinct visual, narrative and historical perspectives, so that the reader gets a beneath-the- surface feel for the place. Cramer has been called "a seasoned expert in urban anatomy" by the acclaimed urbanologist Ray Oldenburg.   


One of an increasing number of streets in Paris 
  where pedestrians have the right of way over cars


The municipality encourages non-motorized transport by closing streets and sponsoring bicycle and roller blade happenings.  Top

Photo by Karen Sharpe

   Two views of the Pere Lachaise Cemetery
   Photos by Martin Vilela Peredo     








            Wherever you turn, Paris surprises. Photo by Karen Sharpe. Top
    Wherever you turn, Paris surprises
   Photo by Karen Sharpe 

   For more information on Karen's
   photography and  unique perspectives of
   Paris, contact Mark


Another photograph by Karen Sharpe