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Mark Cramer is available for on-site consulting on how to transform car-dependent housing developments into walkable communities, and this includes bicycle commuting amenities. He brings with him a vast experience on three continents where he has participated with municipalities on improving local quality of life, written books and articles on the subject, and been a guest speaker on various themes related to social ecology, including on TV channels such as CNN and France 24 TV.

Currently Mark writes articles on cycling as viable transportation, for Freewheeling France, and he serves on advisory groups on municipal transportation.

Sociologist Ray Oldenburg, author of the classic book, The Great Good Place, calls Cramer “a seasoned expert in urban anatomy”.

Partial list of Mark Cramer’s contributions in the area of municipal policy and social ecology:

FunkyTowns USA: the best alternative, eclectic, irreverent and visionary places (TBS Publishing, 1995): reviewed and referenced in more than 75 media and publications, including:

CNN (a 10-minute live interview with footage from FunkyTowns USA), scholarly journals in the USA and Australia, national, regional and local newspapers, and an eclectic array of non-traditional media including Playboy and a supermarket tabloid.

Guest speaker at The Place of Place: a Symposium (September 14-17, 1995), Santa Fe: “an interdisciplinary symposium that explores what it means to be somewhere in an increasingly transient and technological age”

Guest speaker at Degrowth vs. Sustainable Development  (November 22, 2006), on a panel with the French economist and philosopher Serge Latouche, at the prestigious Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences-Po, Paris)

Guest speaker at Une journée de formation et réflexion sur: Commerce équitable et Décroissance soutenable (May 11, 2007), Société d’Investissement et de Développement International

Featured  as an advocate of bicycle commuting in the TV documentary on France O TV, called Américains de Paris(2008), directed by Jean-Antoine Boyer

Regularly taught a popular class for upper level and graduate students at the prestigious Sciences-Po, Paris on Smart Growth and related themes between 2008 and 2010

Special guest on several editions of France TV 24’s Focus program, speaking on ecology.

Guest speaker, along with Bolivian author Solange Behoteguy, (May 16, 2009) at the Espace Henry Miller in Clichy, France, on the subject of quality-of-life advances in the new Bolivian constitution.

Invited by the municipality of the city of Orleans in France, to speak at a conference on sustainable development, titled Why and How to Change our Consuming Habits? (November 23, 2011), at the Cabannes Polytechnical Amphitheatre

Regular guest speaker at the Road Scholar program of International Bicycle Tours (2012-2014), Blois, France, on the subject of politics, retirement and quality of life for bicycle enthusiasts

Has served in work groups with the municipality of Chichy-la-Garenne (2014-2015) in France, on themes of improving pedestrian-friendliness and bicycle use


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